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We manufacture and supply many types of window systems such as PVC and guillotine. We have been operating in this sector over 20 years. Our main export area is Middle East.
DORAPEN PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION IND.AND.EXP.CO. dynamicly entered to the pvc windows and doors sector with its experienced and knowledged personnel. DORAPEN successfully presented its world standard products to allover the domestic market thanks to its wide distributor web and exported them to more than 40 countries in 4 contiments. DORAPEN U-PVC WINDOWS AND DOOR SYSTEMS is the newest member of the group companies; ELA PLASTIC CO.(2009), ASYA EVE SHOES PRODUCTS CO.(2014), MTN EVA PLASTIC CO.(2016) and INNOV CONSTRUCTION CO.(2019).All above group companies which are the leaders in their particular fields has inpired DORAPEN in the industrial perfectionism. DORAPEN is aimed to be one of the pioneer manufacturers in the sector with its high production capasity and vision of unconditional customer satisfaction. Our special leadfree formula is friendly to enviroment and human health, thanks to the high quality raw materials in its mixture. DORAPEN has gained all the necassary qualitycerificates like iso, ce and tse, our profiles are suitable for all the climate conditions and has perfect heat, water and sound insulation. Products of DORAPEN doesnot require the aftersakes services like paint or any costy maintenance, also doesnot keep dust, dirth or stain, alo it doesnot take flame or hold microbe on its surface and enable maximum functionality in windows and doors Designed with high technolohy, all the models of DORAPEN are suitable for all the architectural requirements, on the other hand functionality and easthetic look is taking over uncoditional customer satisfaction and meets all the demands.
Timing and Confidence. That's how we got here! We develop innovative, practical solutions that address the challenges of our supply, manufacture and quality steps more than 16 years. Join the over 150+ customers who trust Sercor to be the part of a exclusive benefits with rich content of material with professional team.
Gurmen PVC Plastik Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., was established in June 2002 in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone in order to produce PVC door and window profile. Subsequently, started to R&D efforts and in order to create a source for these works, many domestic and foreign companies pvc profile designs of were analyzed. After these analyzing, the details were prepared and completed the series PRO6004 and PROSLIDE-84. PVC Door and Window Profiles Producing Plant 2004 Test production has been completed on July 3, 2004 and started production in real terms. Provides PVC window and door systems with a network of dealers throughout Turkey and regional offices in Marmara and Denizli. New series have been prepared in line with the demands and needs. PRO5003, PRO6003, PRO6004, PRO7005, PROSUR70 and PROSUR84 series meet the needs of manufacturers, architects, engineers and end users. There are alternatives that can provide the solution for each project. Proline has a laboratory and quality control team, produces faithfully to the quality management systems. Ready Made Doors and Windows Producing Plant Directindustry 2004 It was founded in 2004 in order to serve abroad completely. Keep pace with today’s technology and in order to meet demand, the development continued with new investments and is continuing. It has been moved to Izmir Free Zone in 2013, Ready doors and windows produced with CNC machining centers are exported to many countries, mainly European countries. Decorative Door Panels Producing Plant 2016 We completed the preparations for the decorative door panels production facility and had to operate in 2016. Customizable and rich model options are offered as a complementary product to the door producers without any compromise in quality as it is in pvc profile production.
Arkoc Plastik offers high qualitative economic products and services to domestic and international markets in accordance with the needs of the construction sector, especially PVC and aluminum products. Established in March 2014, our company produces products in European standards with its 1500 m² closed production area and expert staff in Kocaeli and increases its domestic and international customer portfolio. Already working with countries like The Netherlands, Suriname, Nigeria and Iran Arkoc delivers both domestic and intercontinental.
We produce Pvc Windows and Doors for years with deceuninck brand which based on Belgium and A wellkown brand in the world. Also supply aluminuim, Storebox and Mosquitoes. We are looking forward to see in you working together.
Established in 2010 by the woman entrepreneur Selma Ozsabuncu, our company is one of the leading companies in our region in architectural glass and aluminum or PVC door and window processing with its high capacity and it operates in the door, window and glass sector. Sen Ortaklar Cam continued its growth by following the developments and innovations in the construction sector where architectural glass (outdoor and indoor) are used extensively and in 2016, became "Authorized Double Glass-Double Glazing Systems Manufacturer" of Sisecam Duzcam. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, technical knowledge, sophisticated production softwares, around 20 experienced employees, and production facility equipped with modern architectural glass processing machines, Sen Ortaklar Cam continues to maintain and develop its quality level and to work effectively in the sector. Today, it has a high-tech facility located in Gemlik, Bursa with an indoor area of 1,500 m2 and an open area of 2,000 m2. It plays a leading role in the sector with its architectural glass solutions, flexible approaches and excellent services in our current facility. Sen Ortaklar Cam is capable of supplying all kinds of architectural glass (security, heat and solar controlled double glasses, decorative glasses, sound control glasses) to its customers and projects by providing architectural glass from Sisecam Duzcam. In addition to architectural glass production, Sen Ortaklar Cam started to manufacture pvc and aluminum doors and windows in 2014, expanding its product range. Our goal of entering the PVC Door-Window sector is to reduce the production costs by producing glass and frame from a single point and to offer more suitable and higher quality products to our customers. Today, our company, which has a wide product range in the production of PVC and aluminum doors and windows is the Authorized Manufacturer and Dealer of Egepen / deceuninck, Rehau, Schuco, Inoutic Winsa and Firatpen door and window systems, glass balcony and sliding glass ceiling systems, automatic shutters, garage doors, pull-down shutters, industrial doors and photocell doors. Exporting to different regions such as Israel, Canada, Germany in addition to its local dealers, our company gathers the design, production and assembly of doors and windows in architecture and buildings in a single company and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with the after sales support it provides.
Established in 1994, YILDIZ PVC LTD.STI., by following the technological developments has taken its place in the market by getting the manufacturer's license of EGE PROFIL, the leading company in Turkey's PVC Profile Sector. Our company, which adopts the principle of technology, innovations and customer satisfaction, has become one of the leading companies of Eskisehir in the PVC sector by making necessary investments from day one to day. Our company serves with high technology CNC robot machine park with 20.000 m² open area and 8000 m² indoor area capacity of 4,000 mt / day with an environmentally friendly process, never compromising on global standard manufacturing and installation quality. Our company, which aims to maintain its rapid growth momentum in the same direction, will continue to protect the trust of our customers and our brand with the new anticipated investments and in a prestigious position in the sector.
Our firm has been established in 1990 as a continuous of our carpentry career. Our vision was following the technology evolution in the field of construction materials and utilizing it to develop new production lines of PVC, aluminum, and wooden carpentry. Our mission is working professionally to obtain the trust of our clients and become reputable trade mark in our country and worldwide. Our experienced team receives all inquires of clients and try to find the best solution according to the budget of project. Trust, quality , affordable price are the base of our growth
Pensa, in 1989, was founded in Istanbul in order for production of PVC window and door profiles. Pensa set out with the concept of high-quality production and make that through German high-tech engineered machines. Pensa, with its profile products which considering all the climatic conditions, has been exporting to many parts of the world; from South America to Asia, to Europe and Australia. Pensa which performs quality control at every stage of production, has a specialized staff from consignor to engineer by organizing in-service training. Pensa emphasis on esthetics as well as quality in products, with its rich profile types and color choices, it has been an indispensable choice for precious architects, engineers and designers.